Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mind of the Hunter

Welcome to my blog devoted to the slayers and hunters of evil and darkness in all of their horrid and seductive forms. In a time when it seems that the "monster" is championed and a metaphor for the outsider in all of us, and the hunter a metaphor for the "evil" and oppression in humanity (and perhaps religious dogma), I thought I would take a refreshing look at the genre of horror and dark fantasy, perhaps in a ways go full circle to what is in vogue now.

I am a BIG fan of the horror genre, particularly the vampire genre of older cinema, such as the films of Hammer Horror, and the Euro-horror of Jean Rollin, Jess Franco and Mario Bava, which romanticised and certainly sexualised the vampire.

Since that time, and perhaps before it could be argued, evil had been reinterpreted as a form of seduction, to convey our secret desire for Sex, Blood, Death and Wealth, to live forever and not be a slave to the limits of Father Time. The vampire climbed from its mouldering tombs into our bedrooms, to no longer seek to devour us, but to seduce and love us. It gave us the fantasy to become something bigger where the rules of the human world don't apply and the mundane trappings of human life no longer exist. 

So much so now that TV shows, books and movies feature the monster as a protagonist, instead of an antagonist, and in some cases the hunters are seen as the oppressors of sensuality and power, instead of the liberators of evil. I have been guilty for quite a while of rooting for the monster, of revelling in "monster" culture, even before shows such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries became popular, where now even the "average joe" finds merit in the genre, whereas 10-20 years ago, anyone that watched a Dracula film or read Anne Rice was a "vampire freak".

Well I feel like turning that on the head now, and putting the monster back in its place as a devourer and destroyer of innocence and life, and where a human reluctant or not, rises to the challenge to take down a ghastly creature that is greater than itself by taking up the mantle of a hunter. That is the one thing that I admire about hunters. They are only human (mostly) and yet they train to attain peak physical (almost supernatural) performance to destroy a creature that possesses all the powers of Hell and/or Darkness. 

Such a man or woman should be revered for their dedication and sacrifice, and hopefully this blog will do just that by getting into the mind of said hunter with every article....

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